(Author: Prof. Dr. med. Klaus von Werder)

  1. Physiological Background
  1.1. Structure of Human Prolactin
  1.2. Biological Activity of Prolactin
  1.3. Prolactin Release
  2. Causes of Hyperprolactinemia
  2.1. Prolactin-Producing Tumour of the Pituitary Gland; Prolactinoma
  2.1.1. Epidemiology/Ultrastucture
  2.1.2. Spontaneous Development of Prolactinoma
  2.1.3. Prolactinoma and Pregnancy
  2.2. Hyperprolactinemia in the Event of Reduced Inhibitive Prolactin Activity from the Central Nervous System (Hypothalamus)
  2.3. Enhanced Stimulation of the Prolactin Secretion in the Central Nervous System
  3. Symptoms of Hyperprolactinemia
  4. Diagnostics in Hyperprolactinemia
  5. Therapy of Hyperprolactinemia
  5.1. Dopamine Agonists
  5.2. Treatment of Hyperprolactinemic Sterility
  5.3. Surgery and Radiation
  5.4. Observation, Treatment with Sexual Hormones
  6. Bibliography

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Gerhard Leyendecker