Prenatal Diagnostics and Therapy

(Author: Dr. Andreas Worms)

  I. Ultrasound scanning during the first trimester
  I.1. Target and procedure
  I.2. Basics of embryonic development, ultrasound in the early weeks of pregnancy
  I.3. Determining the age of a pregnancy and term for the delivery
  I.4. Multiple pregnancies
  I.5. Nuchal translucency
  I.6. Malformations
  II. Ultrasound in the second trimester
  II.1. Target and procedure
  II.2. Head and central nervous system
  II.3. Chest, heart diagnostics
  II.4. Gastro-intestinal tract
  II.5. Urogenital tract
  II.6. Bone structure
  II.7. Other organ systems
  II.8. Multiple pregnancies
  III. Evaluation of risks related to chromosomal disorders
  III.1. Introduction to chromosomal disorders
  III.2. Age-related risks
  III.3. Biochemical tests
  III.4. Indications in ultrasound
  IV. Diagnostic methods for the exclusion of chromosomal disorders
  IV.1. Methods their value
  IV.2. Chorionic villus sampling
  IV.3. Amniocentesis
  IV.4. Umbilical vein sampling

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Gerhard Leyendecker